Students Represent District 30 with Full STEAM at Lights on for Education

Students Represent District 30 with Full STEAM at Lights on for Education Photo thumbnail76959

Students, teachers, parents, Board of Education members and administrators from Valley Stream School District 30 joined those from the three other Valley Stream districts for the Valley Stream Council of PTAs’ 56th Anniversary of the Lights on for Education program. This event, held at the Central High School District’s Memorial Junior High School, serves as yet another example of the community’s connection in valuing educational opportunities.  

Superintendent of Schools Dr. Nicholas Stirling spoke on behalf of District 30 during the opening ceremony, which included comments from other administrators and a ribbon cutting by Board of Education members representing each district. Each district additionally invited several students up to address the event’s theme, “Let Your Vision Illuminate the World Around You.” Chloe Morris, Maya Knight and Solomon Akaeze represented Clear Stream Avenue, Forest Road and Shaw Avenue schools, respectively.
The evening featured a showcase of the programs that are offered in each district. Students represented District 30 with enthusiasm for learning as they presented projects based on science, technology, engineering, the arts and mathematics. They provided comprehensive displays and interactive presentations to guests who toured their exhibit, with a focus on STEAM-related processes and career fields.

From demonstrating ways in which the engineering design process can solve world issues to sharing explorations as civil engineers, computer engineers, mechanical engineers, biomedical engineers and more, the students offered a thorough STEAM experience.

District 30 students also presented dance performances, which supported the “Let’s Move” initiative for promoting physical activity and health. They represented various time periods and areas of the world as they showcased Zumba, ballroom dancing, step-dancing rhythms and movements and Indian cultural dance styles such as Kathak, Indian folk, Western popular and modern jazz.