Shaw Students Win NYC Math Hoops Competition

Shaw Students Win NYC Math Hoops Competition Pic 1 thumbnail75914
Six students from Valley Stream District 30’s Shaw Avenue School participated in the third Annual NYC NBA Math Hoops Tournament, held at the Intrepid Sea, Air & Space Museum in New York City on April 8. The school celebrated winning pair Athena Pajotte and Priya Mangal, who placed at the top out of 40 teams from throughout the region.

Athena and Priya received a trophy, games, NBA jerseys of their choice and other prizes as a result of their success. After the tournament, students and families had the opportunity to tour the ship.

The Shaw students’ math skills were on full display and proved to be outstanding. Other participants from the school included Alex Durgadeen, Josiah Beltre, Emily Mota, and Diane Tomax. Each student was introduced to this opportunity by their teacher Mr. Canle who was also in attendance cheering them on.

“It was an amazing day and our students and families were so appreciative of the opportunity,” said Principal Alejandro Rivera.

NBA Math Hoops is a fast-paced basketball board game, curriculum, and community program that allows students to learn fundamental math skills through direct engagement with the real statistics of their favorite NBA and WNBA players. The NBA Math Hoops curriculum is tied to Common Core State Standards and 21st Century Learning Skills, and it has been shown to improve students’ basic math skills and understanding of statistics, in addition to their interpersonal skills, driving them to collaborate more effectively with their peers.