Forest Road Students Embrace Korean Culture

Forest Road Students Embrace Korean Culture Photo thumbnail75460

For its second consecutive year, fourth and fifth grade students at Forest Road Elementary School have participated in the after school Korean Club. Fourth-graders met during the first half of the school year, while fifth-graders are currently meeting once a week during the second half. The club focuses on the culture, language, literature, hobbies, history and food of South Korea.

Led by Forest Road’s Library/Media Specialist On Kyung Joo, the club has allowed students to become immersed in a new culture by practicing basic Korean conversation, learning Korean consonants and vowels, writing their names in Korean and participating in Korean games such as Yutnori, a game of four sticks and Kongki, Korean Jack.

The students have also learned Korean songs and dances that they enjoy doing during club meetings and fifth-grade members recently had the opportunity to experience Korean cooking with Kimbop, also known as Korean sushi making.

“My favorite part of the club is learning how to read and have conversations in Korean,” said fifth-grader Arwa Moid.  

In addition to the after school program, Mrs. Joo, Korean Cultural Center NY and the school PTA banded together in December 2016 to provide all grade levels with a Korean Fan and Drum Dance assembly. The presentation showcased Korean culture, song and dance. Students enjoyed a Floral Fan dance, Sogo dance and drum performance and learned about what they each represented. Classes were also educated on the traditional clothing of the fan dancers and had the opportunity to participate in a fan dance to tell a story.