Night at the Museum Brings History to Life at Clear Stream Avenue

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On the evening of Friday Jan. 27, Valley Stream District 30’s Clear Stream Avenue School gymnasium was transformed into an exhibition of Egyptian projects. Sixth-graders gathered for a highly-anticipated Night at the Museum event, which featured their work in the form of an educational showcase and scavenger hunt.

The students spent several weeks developing their projects from start to finish. They selected topics that interested them about Ancient Egypt and conducted research. The result was an outstanding assortment of visual, multi-dimensional displays that included facts about the subject matter. Themes ranged from the pyramids to the Valley of the Kings, from gods and goddesses to mummification.

Students took on this assignment with enthusiasm, eager to explore the historic culture. “The most interesting thing I learned is that over 130 pyramids were discovered in Ancient Egypt,” said Isaiah Martinez. Anna Lobach said, “I was interested in the Great Pyramid of Jafa and the structures inside.”

The scavenger hunt activity involved a series of questions for which students were asked to uncover the answers. As they toured the “museum,” they took note of the information and observed the displays in order to complete the challenge successfully. This annual event is a tradition at Clear Stream and offers an interactive opportunity for students to experience ancient times.