Remembering a role model

Natalie Godinez in Mrs. Nelson’s class remembered Dr. King by assisting in her father’s office. thumbnail72714

Clear Stream students inspired by Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.

Students and staff members at Valley Stream District 30’s Clear Stream Avenue School took time to honor the legacy of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. in conjunction with this civil rights leader’s national day of remembrance.

The entire student body, ranging from kindergartners through the sixth-graders, became involved in efforts to keep Dr. King’s positive influence present and strong. Each grade participated in different activities, but all shared the common message that “service to one means service to all.”
Kindergarten classes discussed the word “brave” and how it applied to Dr. King’s marches in the name of civil rights. First-graders focused on Dr. King’s dream and created crafts that described their own dreams and goals. English as a New Language students created a hand-in-hand project that depicted unity around the world. Second-graders researched current events that reflected acts of kindness and watched biographical videos.

Third-graders created flipbooks based on Dr. King’s life and achievements. The fourth-grade, as well as others, compared fictional book characters to Dr. King. Fifth-graders served their neighbors; they helped shovel snow, participated in a scholarship fundraiser and treated a police officer to dinner. Two students cleaned up their local park and presented their efforts on Google Docs. Sixth-graders performed a play about Rosa Parks and read articles about Dr. King.

Those at Clear Stream were inspired by Dr. King’s examples of helping others and continue to demonstrate positive character and kindness through their own words and actions.