Young Engineers

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Kindergarten students at Forest Road School created “Sunbrellas” during American Education Week as part of the district’s Science 21 curriculum.  

The kindergarten teachers collaborated with the science teacher and STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art and Math) aide to guide the students to work in cooperative engineering teams.  Students were posed with the following problem: “What type of structure can you create with the materials provided to best block sunlight?” The student engineers were then asked to creatively contribute to the teams’ solution.  Once ideas were shared, plans and the final product were created.  As would be expected as part of any engineering process, the actual structures were then tested to evaluate the effectiveness of various materials and designs to block sunlight.

The opportunity to problem-solve as part of a team is a twenty-first century skill for our future leaders and innovators.  Our kindergarten teachers were extremely proud of the effort, persistence and collaboration the students demonstrated!