Forest Road Celebrates Earth Day

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Forest Road students celebrated Earth Day this April with a variety of classroom activities to raise awareness of how they can “treat Mother Earth better.”

To kick off the celebration, second-graders created and performed several songs for the entire school, accompanying their vocals with homemade instruments built from everyday items that had been recycled. Other students developed environmental literacy projects in which they wrote and performed a song about reducing pollutants in the environment. Another class learned about the importance of recycling through a visit from a Forest Road parent, who taught the children how to take old paper and make new paper from it.

To culminate the Earth Day festivities, the school took part in the “I will…” project, which provoked students to reflect on what they could do as individuals to be more environmentally conscious. They made pledges and used green and blue cutouts of their hands to craft a globe that is now on display in the Forest Road lobby.