CSA Shines the Spotlight on Heroes from Black History

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As Black History Month drew to a close, Clear Stream Avenue Elementary School students in grades K-3 from learned about American heroes from the time of slavery, with the help of Bright Star Touring Theatre on Feb. 27. Bright Star performers Braxton Hogan and Temperance Jones presented their production of “Heroes of the Underground Railroad,” bringing history to the stage.
Throughout the show, students were introduced to important individuals from the time period such as Henry “Box” Brown, Levi Coffin, Frederick Douglass and Harriet Tubman. Many of the students had prior knowledge of these heroes and were excited to see them brought to life on stage. They learned about how some slaves escaped to freedom and what the Underground Railroad was. At the end of the performance, the students participated in a question and answer session with Hogan and Jones. That evening, the two performers returned to the school for Clear Stream Avenue School’s annual Black History Celebration. During the event, they performed their production “Let it Shine,” which focused on the difficult years between 1955 and 1968 when individuals fought for equal rights.