Love of Science Helps Student Find His Voice

Photo of Matthew James and Monet Springer thumbnail161909
Matthew James, a student from Clear Stream Avenue School let his curiosity run wild, resulting in a new science experiment for his fifth grade class. Matthew decided that he wanted a pet beetle and conducted research at home on how darkling beetles are formed. After learning about their metamorphosis journey, Matthew tried the experiment at home and was eager to share his findings with his fifth grade teacher Monet Springer.

“I was so proud of him,” said Mrs. Springer. “He is not an outspoken student, but he came to me and asked if he could do this science project with the class.”

This school year, Valley Stream District 30 is encouraging students to find their voice in many different ways through the theme “Lift Every Voice.” Matthew did just that. With Mrs. Springer’s approval, he prepared a PowerPoint presentation entitled “The Life Cycle of a Darkling Beetle.” He shared the stages that beetles go through and allowed the class to ask him questions. Afterwards, Matthew provided each student in his class with a cup of supplies to grow their own darkling beetle. Although still in the early stages, the class has started to monitor their own insect’s progress from egg to larva to pupa to darkling beetle. 

Matthew decided to share his love of science with a third grade class as well. He presented on the darkling beetle and brought his experiment into their classroom. The third graders asked him many questions and were eager to develop their own beetles. 

“I hope that they learned responsibility when taking care of it and that they were inspired by it,” said Matthew.

The passionate fifth grader hopes to continue his love for science as a biologist in the future or a robotic scientist.