District 30 Maintainer Set to Retire

Photo of Michael Senneca Jr thumbnail161908
Maintainer Michael A. Senneca, Jr. will retire at the end of January after 20 years of service to the district. Mr. Senneca was recognized during Valley Stream District 30’s board of education meeting on Jan. 21.

Prior to serving the District 30 community, Mr. Senneca worked in both commercial and residential construction. He was commended by Superintendent of Schools Dr. Nicholas Stirling for “bringing a wealth of talent” with him into the educational field. From carpentry work to masonry work, Mr. Senneca has fixed anything necessary to maintain a positive and safe school environment. Dr. Stirling referred to him as a “Jack-of-all-trades” who has saved the district from hiring outside resources on work that needed to be done. Throughout his years in Valley Stream District 30, Mr. Senneca has worked under three facility directors who have all referred to him as “knowledgeable.”

“Many people forget that teaching and learning cannot continue in a school district if the environment is not sound,” said Dr. Stirling. “His contributions to this district are not only appreciated but will be missed because of the commitment that he has had to the work that he has been committed to.”

The board of education and Dr. Stirling congratulated Mr. Senneca and wished him the best of luck on the next chapter of his life.