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Students and Staff Celebrate Dr. Seuss

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In honor of Dr. Seuss’s birthday, Forest Road Elementary School teacher Christopher Nazario read “Horton Hears a Who!” to his first grade class while dressed as The Cat in the Hat. 

Dribbling Up Teamwork at Forest Road School

Dribbling Up Teamwork Photo 1
Dribbling Up Teamwork Photo 2
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It was an afternoon of friendly competition as Forest Road Elementary School sixth-graders recently competed in a basketball game against Forest Road teachers and Assistant Principal Michael DeBlasio. Twelve teams of about four students each took turns showing their skills on the court against the adults.  

Physical education teachers Kerry Brady and Peter Hansen host the student vs. teacher basketball game each year as part of the sixth grade physical education curriculum. Fifth-grader Michael Potash and sixth-grader Jovarly Rosemond provided enthusiastic commentary during the game as the audience of students cheered on their peers and teachers. Other classes in the building had the opportunity to stream the game live on the SmartBoard in their classrooms as it unfolded. 

Sixth Grade Spelling Champs Head to Regionals

Sixth Grade Spelling Champs Photo 1
Sixth Grade Spelling Champs Photo 2
Sixth Grade Spelling Champs Photo 3
Two sixth-graders from the district were recently selected as two of only 52 students from schools across Long Island to participate in the Long Island Regional Spelling Bee at St. Joseph’s College on March 20. Maaz Rajput from Forest Road School and Marlon Clarke Jr. from Shaw Avenue School qualified for the regional competition after winning their class spelling bee, school-wide spelling bee and scoring at least a 27 on an online spelling test facilitated by the Scripps National Spelling Bee. 

The winning student from the regional competition will represent their school and Long Island in the Scripps National Spelling Bee with students from across the country in May. The district congratulates both students on this outstanding achievement and wishes them the best of luck as they move forward in the competition! 

Second-Graders Prepare to Host Living Museum

Second Graders Prepare to Host Living Museum Photo 1
Second Graders Prepare to Host Living Museum Photo 2
Second Graders Prepare to Host Living Museum Photo 3
Second Graders Prepare to Host Living Museum Photo 4
Forest Road Elementary School second-graders in Joanna Eckert’s class recently began a creative hands-on biography project in preparation for their living museum, which will take place once the projects are complete. The event will allow other classes, families and administrators to learn more about the historical individuals that the students have been studying through memorized speeches and handmade puppets.

Each student picked an influential figure and conducted research on their person’s accomplishments and obstacles. They then completed a graphic organizer with their findings, wrote a speech and created a puppet of their chosen person. 

Students picked figures such as Abraham Lincoln, Amelia Earhart, George Washington, Harriet Tubman, Martin Luther King Jr., Rosa Parks and Walt Disney. On Feb. 8, the students finished their speeches, which was a first person narrative biography, with the information that they obtained through reading and research. Ms. Eckert reviewed each student’s writing as they prepared to memorize their speeches.
The class also began working on their puppets with the help of Forest Road PTA member and parent Natalie Cange and STEAM aide Deborah Thomas. Using a paper bag, students were able to pick basic materials such as felt, cloth, buttons, foil and construction paper to create their puppet. Each student designed their puppet with symbols representing the person they are exploring. The class is looking forward to sharing their projects with the school community. 

Forest Road Filmmakers Put Creativity on Display

Forest Road Filmmakers Put Creativity on Display Photo 1
Forest Road Filmmakers Put Creativity on Display Photo 2
Forest Road Filmmakers Put Creativity on Display Photo 3
Sixth-graders are turning into filmmakers at Forest Road Elementary School in preparation for the school’s first film festival this May. Students began working on their film projects in mid-January and are continuing to brainstorm, formulate a script, storyboard, film and edit their creations during the next few months in class.

The students had the option to pick a topic of interest for their film, with teacher approval. Using iPads, the sixth-graders are in the beginning stages of filming, acting and editing their projects using the program, iMovie. 

“I like the freedom that this project gives us,” said sixth-grader Sanai Roberts. “You get to pick what you want to focus on.”

Groups produced films on a variety of different topics, from a social studies lesson, to the school’s social-emotional learning theme of the month. Some of the students expressed how they enjoyed working on their own films and hoped that their peers will be inspired by what they create. 

“We hope that they learn something,” said sixth-grader Daniel Laurent. “And get a lot of laughs out of it,” added one of his film partners, Jovarly Rosemond. 

Daniel and Jovarly are working with their classmate, Bryce Douglas, on a film inspired by Robby Novak, also known as Kid President on YouTube. Their video titled, “Top 10 Things We Should Say More Often,” focuses on daily acts of kindness. The idea was sparked due to Jovarly resembling the popular YouTube star.  

The film project correlates with Valley Stream District 30’s theme of the year, You and MEdia, as students are strengthening their writing and organization skills while embracing the technical and creative aspects of filmmaking. Once the films are completed in May, the sixth grade teachers are planning on hosting the film festival for students, administrators, staff and loved ones to view the students’ hard work. 

Forest Road Students Give the Gift of a Good Night’s Rest

Forest Road Students Give the Gift of a Good Night’s Rest Photo
Student council members at Forest Road School celebrated the season of giving by facilitating a school-wide pajama drive to support the Pajama Program’s Good Night Bill of Rights. The Pajama Program helps communities deliver a quality bedtime routine and a good night’s rest to those in need.
With the help of student council advisor Sonya Jackson, students collected children’s books and pajamas for four weeks and donated approximately 160 books and 15 sets of pajamas to the cause. The generous donations were given to families to ensure that all children feel safe at bedtime. The drive also aligned with the school’s December character trait of generosity.